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« Buckthorn (Rhamnus buckthorn).
   - non-irritating laxative,
- cholagogue,
- vermifuge,
- wound-healing.
   - spasmodic constipation (as it does not increase intestinal peristalsis, it can be taken by pregnant women),
   - iliary insufficiency and resulting constipation,,
   - haemorrhoids,
   - obesity,
   - cellulite,
   - circulatory disorder,
   - intestinal parasites»[1].

«The effect of Buckthorn is gentle and safe, so it does not irritate the bowel even after long use. It is particularly suitable for constipation of nervous origin and for that of children»[2].

«It is considered the mildest of all anthraquinone laxatives: the action is very similar to that of Sacred bark, which it is often combined with or replaced by; it shows a lower effect than that of Senna and Aloe » [3].

«Mallow (Malva Sylvestris). Properties: bechic, pectoral, emollient, mucilaginous, refreshing, sedative, laxative » [4].


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[4] Luigi Pomini, Erboristeria Italiana, Edizioni Vitalità.
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