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TMG Curry plant

«Curry plant (Helicrysum italicum). Action: Mucolytic, antispastic, antitussive, antiallergic, antibacterial, antimycotic; wound-healing, tissue protective; cholecystokinetic, anti-edemigenous, diaphoretic.
General therapeutic characteristics. Curry plant has shown excellent healing effects in sub-acute bronchitis, with or without a tendency to asthma, and in pertussis.
The important cortisone-like action has been emphasised, which, besides asthma, has allowed treating many other pathological forms of allergic origin: rhinitis, urticaria, dermatitis and food allergies.
It has also been effective in headaches, migraines, in rheumatic diseases of various origins, in psoriasis, ichthyosis, dermatitis and oedemas due to venous circulation problems and phlebitis » [1].  

«Curry plant. Main activities: bechic, balsamic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antioxidant, eudermic.
Therapeutic use: sub-acute and chronic bronchitis with or without asthmatic syndrome, with or without emphysema, skin diseases, (psoriasis, eczemas); liver diseases.
According to some studies, it would act according to an ACTH and cortisone-like mechanism… when there are deficiencies in sex steroid and adrenal cortical hormones. A clinical study has confirmed its therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of psoriasis … for a period varying between 60 and 90 days….
If used on a regular basis, we have noticed a marked improvement of digestive functions and of overall tone.
Not to forget its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases affecting the respiratory system, … confirmed its use in childhood viral tracheo-bronchitis. Even in pertussis, after 2 days of therapy, they have reported a decrease in number and intensity of coughing attacks and rapid recovering. … It has an anti-allergic activity. It has shown good results in treating arthritism, hyperuricemia, gout, rheumatism, obesity, skin diseases …» [2].


[1] Francesco Perugini Billi, Fitoterapia, Edizioni Junior.
[2] Enrica Campanini, Dizionario di fitoterapia e piante medicinali, Tecniche Nuove.
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