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Tea tree oil plus

«Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). External use. In addition to an antimicrobial activity, both with regard to Gram+ and Gram - bacteria, it shows an important antifungal and broad-spectrum antiprotozoan (Trichomonas vaginalis) activity. The mostly treated skin infections are: acne, onychomycosis, intertrigo, impedigo, "athlete's foot", etc. as they respond well to [direct] treatment with essential oils.… Excellent skin and mucosal (Candida) tolerance. In interdigital mycoses and in nail fungus infections, the mostly treated infections are those relating to pediculosis, "thrush", and Herpes simples. We recommend the topical application of the essential oil 3 times a day until healed » [1].  

«Thuja (Thuja occidentalis). External use: warts, papillomas, condylomas, polyps, STD prophylaxis » [2].  

«Niaouli (Melaleuca viridifolia). External use: atonic wounds, ulcers, burns, fistulas, coryza, laryngitis, bronchitis, whooping cough» [3].  

«Borneol (Dryobalanops camphora). External use: powerful antiseptic, general and cardiac tonic, corticoadrenal stimulant , desensitising, infectious diseases » [4].  

«Cajeput (Melalueca leucadendron). External use: dental and ear neuralgia, chronic laryngitis, neuralgia, rheumatism, sores, skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, … stomach rubs as a vermifuge) » [5].  

«Geranium (Pelargonium adorantissumum). External use: breast engorgement, sores, burns, glossitises, mouth ulcers, aphthae, facial neuralgia, gastric and lumbar pain, dermatitis (scaly, dry eczema), pediculosis » [6].  

«Pot marigold (Calendula officinalis). External use: ulcerated tumours, ulcers, fissures, ulcerated chilblains, wounds of all kinds, including cancerous ones, adenitis …» [7].


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