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Supreme Inositol

« Many experts in nutritional medicine use Inositol as a component of lipotropic preparations [which favour the transport of fats] in the treatment of a wide variety of liver diseases. This [lipotropic] action is essential to the health of such organ [liver] because fat and bile storage is associated with the development of more serious disorders, such as cirrhosis.  

«Inositol, Methionine, Choline and Betaine are all lipotropic substances, i.e. substances whose primary function is to prevent an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. They detoxify the liver and help it cleanse the body, giving it greater resistance against diseases. They help maintain the natural defences by promoting the growth and activity of phagocytes, which surround, engulf and neutralise viruses and invading microbes.
We all need lipotropic substances, but some more than others. Anyone who follows a diet rich in protein falls into the second category….
Lipotropic substances are necessary because almost all of us consume too much fat (35-40% of total calories) and a good portion of these fats is made ??up of saturated fat.
Lipotropic substances, helping the liver to produce lecithin [which makes cholesterol more soluble] also contribute to preventing cholesterol from forming harmful deposits within blood vessels [atheroma], thus decreasing the likelihood of having a heart attack or a stroke.
Lecithin prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the gallbladder, avoiding the formation of gallstones » [1].  

«Cystine is the stable form of the sulphide amino acid Cysteine ??[produced by Methionine], an important nutrient with anti-ageing activity. The body quickly transforms one form into another as needed, and the two forms can be regarded as a single amino acid. When Cystine is metabolised, it releases sulphur, which contributes, with other substances, to encourage the detoxification process carried out by the liver.… Cystine/Cysteine ??can also help "tie up" harmful [heavy] metals, as well as the free radicals that are formed by drinking and smoking, and protect the body » [2].


[1] Earl Mindell, La Bibbia delle Vitamine, Ed. Bur.
[2] Ibidem.
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