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Sulphur gel

« Externally, Sulphur is widely used as a parasiticide against many skin diseases of parasitic nature or not (scabies, ringworm, pityriasis, Circinate herpes); it is also beneficial against acne and other skin diseases » [1]. 

«Antibiotic properties of usnic acid …» [2].  

«Copper Sulfate. Externally, astringent and antiseptic disinfectant …» [3].  

«Copper is absorbed by the skin and chelated into another compound capable of exerting an anti-inflammatory action …» [4]. 

«Zinc, as well as vitamin C, also has a direct antiviral activity …» [5].  

«Vitamin E has an antioxidant, immune-modulating, antiviral, membrane stabilising activity…» [6].  

«Zinc has immuno-modulating, antioxidant and … antiviral …» activities. [7]

« Undecylenic acid has the greater antifungal activity of the compounds belonging to the family of fatty acids.… It is active against a variety of fungi, including those pathogens responsible for superficial mycoses.

It is commonly used in Tinea pedis …» [8].  

«Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) …: this essential oil is an effective antibacterial remedy, its use extends from the treatment of wounds, to the most classic infection, up to mycosis » [9].  

«Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) … External use: dermatitis, boils, skin antisepsis…» [10].


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