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Sports nutrition supplements with formulas specifically designed for those who practice regular physical activity: products that reinstate magnesium, potassium and mineral salts, protein supplements for muscle growth, branched amino acids, creatine and carnitine.

"Sport and Health" is a combination that seems almost unbreakable. As a matter of fact, the benefits accruing from a regular physical activity, not only on a physical level (maintenance of proper body weight and good cardiovascular efficiency, as well as support for the immune system), but also on the general tone of mood, are many.
Intense physical activity practised consistently can, however, increase not only energy expenditure but also the demands of
nutrients needed by the body

.A tailored diet, varied and balanced, is clearly the starting point for meeting the increased body demands of an athlete (amateur or semi-professional), however supplementing your diet with specific products can sometimes be useful.

Dr Giorgini provides a series of supplements designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of those who practice physical activity with passion and perseverance.
To restore the hydro-saline balance and re-hydrate the body after intense sweating, it may be useful to consume products based on minerals, potassium, magnesium and vitamins (to be taken in tablet form, or in powder, soluble in water and therefore very handy for people used to carrying along, during a training session, a bottle of minerals to rehydrate themselves).

However, protein supplementation, in synergy with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese and vitamins C, D and K (which support bone wellness), as well as the intake of branched chain amino acids (the basic building blocks of proteins), can efficiently promote muscle growth.

Carnitine supplementation can also be a good support for an athlete's body: this amino acid, naturally present in the human body, can play a very important role in cellular energy production.

Substances such as HMB (Calcium Hydroxy Methylbutyrate) and
, besides promoting muscle trophism, may instead improve
recovery after prolonged exercising

Finally, the maintenance of normal bone and cartilage (potentially subjected to stress in the course of intense physical activity), can be supported by supplementing vitamin C, useful for promoting the formation of collagen and present in high quantities in many of Dr Giorgini products designed for athletes, which exploit their beneficial action in synergy with other vitamins and nutrients, such as bovine gelatin, collagen, zinc, manganese and copper

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    Food supplement made from branched chain amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, suitable for the athlete's diet. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins that, added to a diet, contribute to the growth of muscle mass. Magnesium, iron and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and folic acid, reduce tiredness and fatigue. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D help maintain normal muscle function. High in zinc, iron and iodine, which stimulate cognitive function.
    Available formats 360 g


    Carnitine Sport - VitaminSport

    Food supplement containing carnitine, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D promote muscle function and, together with phosphorus, vitamin C and B-group vitamins, support normal energy metabolism. Iron plays a vital role in the transport and storage of oxygen in the body and, along with vitamins B6 and B12, contributes to the formation of normal red blood cells, whose regular maintenance is also supported by vitamin B2.
    Available formats 90 g


    Carnosine sport - VitaminSport

    It can prove useful for those who do regular physical activity. It promotes muscle trophism and development. Thanks to its buffering effect on pH, it can counteract the action of lactic acid and the onset of fatigue.
    Available formats 90 g

  4. CREATINE - VITAMINSPORT 180 tablets

    Creatine - VitaminSport

    Supplement containing creatine and amino acids, suitable for the diet of athletes. Creatine indeed increases physical performance in case of repetitive, high-intensity and short-duration exercise *
    * (the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3 g of creatine).
    Available formats 90 g


    Creatine Plus - VitaminSport

    Supplement containing creatine, suitable for the diet of athletes, with addition of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Creatine increases physical performance in case of repetitive, high-intensity, short-duration exercise *. Moreover, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, B-group vitamins and vitamin C promote energy metabolism helping counteract the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
    * The beneficial effect can be obtained with a daily intake of at least 3 g of creatine.
    Available formats 90 g

  6. DRIP-FEED 360 g  powder


    With minerals and glucose, it may be useful in re-hydrating and replenishing the minerals lost in the body. Helps restore the hydro-saline balance in case of excessive fluid loss (diarrhea, high fever, abundant sweating).
    Available formats 360 g


    Glutamine Sport - VitaminSport

    Food supplement made from glutamine,minerals and vitamins useful for supplementing the athlete's diet. Glutamine is an amino acid and as such is included in the composition of proteins. Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Moreover, iron and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and folic acid contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.
    Available formats 90 g

  8. Healthy Energy - VitaminSport

    Healthy Energy - VitaminSport

    Creatine supplement containing minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, meant for adults engaged in intense exercise. Creatine increases physical performance in case of repetitive, high-intensity, short-duration exercise*. Rhodiola, eleutherococcus, ginseng and astragalus exert an adaptogenic tonic effect. Furthermore, ginseng and rhodiola or golden root, with magnesium, vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and folic acid, may combat tiredness and excessive fatigue.
    * The beneficial effect can be obtained with a daily intake of 3 g of creatine.

  9. HEALTHY JOINTS Nutrient Formula -  VITAMINSPORT 180 tablets

    Healthy joints - VitaminSport

    Food supplement made from gelatin, collagen, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Gelatin is a high-protein nutrient, extracted from bovine skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilages and bones. Manganese, together with copper, contributes to the normal formation of connective tissues while, with zinc and vitamin D and K, it promotes the maintenance of normal bone. Vitamin C also supports the regular formation of collagen, which promotes the normal functioning of bone and cartilage.
    Available formats 90 g

  10. Healthysalts - VitaminSport

    Healthysalts - VitaminSport

    Food supplement containing all minerals and vitamins. Useful for replenishing those nutrients before, during and after intense physical activity.

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