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Natural products designed for children, with useful substances for their well-being across all the phases of their development.

A child's health is a constant concern for a parent, and since their early days you always try to find the best remedy for every problem.

Every aspect of their lives and well-being need special care, body care and hygiene, nutrition are all aspects that need to be dealt with carefully. The skin is very sensitive and gets easily irritated, mainly because of the diaper, so it is imperative to have the right products to promote skin hydration and protection, mild creams and soaps, with emollient and soothing properties, or natural nourishing and moisturising oils such as almond oil.

Special attention should be given to nutrition too, as during breastfeeding minor ailments such as gastric reflux, or gas colic may occur. Weaning is another sensitive period during which a child learns about different foods, tastes and textures. Some children find it difficult to try new foods, sometimes they eat less or have poor appetite, so you may want to supplement their diet with vitamins and / or minerals, to provide an adequate dietary intake for a correct development of all tissues.

Going to kindergarten or preschool, where a child is faced with different environments, other children, temperature changes etc., may bring about the first diseases; coughs, colds, exanthematous diseases are only some of the most common diseases. Nothing to worry about, but it is still stressful moments when you sleep little, your child wakes up often probably due to a stuffy nose and difficulty breathing or because coughing during the night becomes more persistent. In all these cases, you may want to supplement your child's diet with products that support the immune system or that promote a healthy respiratory system, exerting a balsamic effect or promoting the fluidity of bronchial secretions.

Following your child' growth step by step, using if necessary nutritional supplements or natural products for their healthcare might be a good habit to better face the delicate phases of their growth and development.
(With that said, do not forget to consult your pediatrician in case of specific diseases, doubts, or extended use).  

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