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Rosemary Quintessence

« The action of the essence of rosemary is antispasmodic and expectorant. It is indicated in bronchopulmonary diseases, in sinusitis and otitis and as a circulatory and muscular tonic. It may also work as a brain tonic (stimulation of brain functions) … and improve memory performance …. Objective effects on cognitive performance as well as subjective effects on mood » [1]

« Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). Properties: general stimulant and cardiotonic, adrenal stimulant, pulmonary antiseptic, cholagogue, choleretic, antigout. Indications:  asthaenia (general weakness), physical and mental overwork (memory loss), hypotension; chlorosis, lymphatism, adenitis; asthma, chronic bronchitis, flu, atonic dyspepsia(difficult digestion); grastric pain, intestinal infections, colitis, diarrhoea, flatulence; liver pathology, cholecystitis, jaundice due to hepatitis or occlusions, cirrhosis, biliary lithiasis; hyper-cholesterolemia, rheumatism, gout,  dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation) and leucorrhoea; migraine, diseases of the nervous system: hysteria, epilepsy, consequences of paralysis, limb weakness, nervous heart symptoms, vertigo, syncope…»[2].


[1] Enrica Campanini, Dizionario di fitoterapia e piante medicinali, Tecniche Nuove.
[2] Jean Valnet, Cura delle Malattie con le essenze delle piante, Aldo Martello – Giunti Editore.
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