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Phenylalanine Plus

«Many nutritionists and dietitians agree that for those who are dieting, phenylalanine is absolutely the most effective amino acid. This is because it is the molecule at the origin of three metabolic pathways, each of which affects your weight: it curbs appetite, elevates mood, increases metabolism.
First of all, Phenylalanine curbs appetite by stimulating the release in the stomach of a substance called cholecystokinin, … when its levels rise, they inform the brain that your body has eaten enough and makes you feel full. Using Phenylalanine supplements to induce the release of cholecystokinin is the perfect way to decrease the amount of food you eat. Taking it as last food in the evening, helps avoid those unnecessary and fattening midafternoon and midnight snacks . Unlike antianxiety amino acids [Histidine, Tryptophan, Glycine, Taurine], which strengthen your mental willingness to not eat, Phenylalanine is effective because it makes you feel full.
The second appetite suppressant path involves the conversion of Phenylalanine into noradrenaline. This exciting neurotransmitter, commonly used to treat depression, elevates your mood and reduces your desire to eat.
The third benefit of Phenylalanine comes from its role as precursor for the amino acid Tyrosine. Tyrosine, on the other hand, is the precursor for the hormone Thyroxine [thyroxine=Tyrosine + Iodine] produced by the thyroid. The thyroid is responsible of the metabolism of your body. It determines whether the food you eat is stored as fat or burned as energy. All this is carried out by the hormone thyroxine. If Tyrosine level is low, the Thyroid slows down the production of the hormone thyroxine, resulting in fatigue, obesity and reduced resistance to disease.
The conversion of phenylalanine to tyrosine takes place by means of the enzyme L-phenylalanine oxidase, i.e. the enzyme lacking in subjects suffering from inborn error of metabolism defined phenylketonuria [in this case, the use of Phenylalanine is discouraged, while Tyrosine is highly recommended]. Phenylalanine may be effective in treating depression, protecting against premenstrual and menopause tension and is able to increase learning potential. Is also used to form insulin, which regulates the level of sugar, and other proteins and enzymes. It contributes to a variety of fibrous protein structures, including collagen and elastin» [1].


[1] Rober Erdamann, Amino revolution.

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