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All properties of dog-rose

Season ailments - body's immune defences

Dog-rose, rich in vitamin C, is widely used in herbal medicine

Rosa canina, also referred to as the dog-rose, is a shrub of the family Rosaceae, which can exceed even 3 metres high. This plant is also commonly known by the popular names of wild rose or briar rose.

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Garlic: useful for blood pressure, but not only ...

Cholesterol and triglycerides

An aromatic plant widely used in cooking, which boasts plenty of benefits

Garlic, an aromatic plant very appreciated by Italian chefs, is actually widely used in herbal medicine for the formulation of specific natural supplements.

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Are there natural remedies for neck strain?

Season ailments - body's immune defences

Proper posture, specific exercises and the right plants can reduce this discomfort

Localised pain and muscle stiffness, especially in the neck, can occur at any time and heavily affect our daily activities.

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Natural sleep remedies

How to combat stress and fatigue

Some plants can help us sleep better

Everyone has sometimes gone through hard times having trouble falling asleep.

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When do you need vitamin D supplementation?

Joint and bone wellness

Main causes and consequences of a lack of vitamin D

The right amount of vitamins is essential for the well-being of our body and Vitamin D makes no exception.

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Elderberry, an ally against Winter ailments

Season ailments - body's immune defences

Can elderberry extract help us maintain a constant body temperature?

The plant of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is very common and widespread in Italy, especially in rural areas, in the woods or along the waterways.

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Are there natural remedies for fever?

Season ailments - body's immune defences

The extracts of some plants may favour the maintenance of normal body temperature

Fever is nothing but a rise in body temperature above the levels deemed "normal" (i.e., with minor variations, between 36 and 36.5 ° C).

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Are there natural remedies for frizzy hair?

Hair, skin and nails

Some tips to tame frizzy and rebel hair

Rarely are women happy with their hair: those who have curly hair would like it perfect straight, while those who can boast natural straight hair would dream about wavy and fluffy hair.

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Innate immune defences in the intestinal tract

Digestion and intestines

Healthy intestinal flora is vital for all-round wellness

The intestinal flora is made up of a set of micro-organisms that colonise the digestive tract, in particular the intestines.

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Exercising during pregnancy

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Physical activity can be beneficial, even during pregnancy

Unfortunately, today there is an increasing tendency to see and experience pregnancy as a pathological condition.

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What are Omega-3s for?

Let us find out the sources and benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids

Nowadays, we hear more and more of the benefits of Omega 3s for our body.

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Who needs iron supplements and when should they be taken?

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

There are several factors that may cause iron deficiency

A person in "good health" and following a balanced diet hardly develops deficiencies or will need an iron supplement

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