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A perfect tan: 7 simple tips to follow

Getting the most from sunbathing

The risk is known to all sunbathers: paraphrasing the Italian singer Edoardo Vianello, under the blazing sun, the risk for your skin of peeling off is always there, preventing you from reaching a perfect, healthy and uniform tan that has cost you many "sacrifices", lying motionless on a bed for hours.

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Natural remedies for hair loss in Autumn

Hair, skin and nails

Why does hair fall out more in Autumn?

Every Summer, our hair is "abused" by prolonged sunbathing, wind, exposure to seasalt, and often, in the early Autumn or late Summer (September), we are forced to deal with stringy and "suffering" hair and with increased hair-loss. It should be said, however, that an increase in hair-loss in Autumn, the so-called "period of chestnuts", is consistentwith the rhythms of nature: as trees "lose" their leaves and animals change their fur, so people lose their hair!

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Saline supplements: 5 reasons to use them, especially in Summer

Sport and fitness

Mineral deficiency: main symptoms and causes

Excessive heat and profuse sweating cause a loss of minerals - as well as of toxins, fluids etc.-, in particular of potassium and magnesium, the lack of which can cause cramps, collapse, dizziness, tiredness, lapses of concentration and drowsiness. You can prevent mineral deficiencies by taking saline supplements: according to specific needs, it is possible to opt for powder products based on magnesium and potassium to dissolve in water, or in tablets and enriched with vitamins, so as to avoid problems and complications that would not allow you to fully enjoy the summer season.

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Heaviness in the legs? 5 rules to reduce it

Women’s health (circulation, hormones, menopause)

Heavy legs are a common complaint

In the evening, after spending most of the working hours standing or sitting at your desk, without moving, it's easy to feel a sense of heaviness in the legs.

This discomfort usually tends to worsen with the heat, which promotes venous stasis, due to which the legs are numb, aching and swollen. The feeling of heaviness in the legs, accompanied by cramps or swelling, may sometimes also be an indicator of an underlying pathological condition, such as a deep vein thrombosis.

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Foot mycosis: natural remedies and rules to prevent it

Hair, skin and nails

Foot mycosis, what it is and how to combat it

Foot mycosis, or the so-called "athlete's foot", can affect all those who walk barefoot in hot and humid environments such as public swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms, or those who wear shoes that are too tight to make the foot breathe properly.  The "athlete's foot" is therefore not a problem that concerns only athletes, even if those who practice sports and attend public pools or showers can be more susceptible to this problem. Basically, it is a fungal foot infection (whose scientific name is tinea pedis), which can develop at skin folds or flexures of the interdigital spaces of the feet. Are there natural remedies and tricks that can help us prevent or quickly resolve this issue? Let's find out together.

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Natural remedies against mosquitoes, horse flies and other insects

Natural beauty treatments

How to keep away mosquitoes and other insects in a natural way

Summer sun inevitably invites us to spend more time outdoors and in contact with nature. However, in this renewed experience with the natural environment, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and horseflies (the so-called blood-sucking insects that feed on our blood) can become unwelcome companions, which can spoil our barbecues at the park or a leisurely bike ride with friends.

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Bladderwrack to lose weight: when and how to take it

How to find your ideal weight

What is Fucus vesiculosus (brown seaweed)?

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus), also known as sea oak or brown seaweed, is an alga that grows along the coast of Northern Europe, overreaching its shores. In herbal medicine, the slimming properties of bladderwrack have been known and exploited for quite some time; indeed, its extract is often used in the formulation of natural supplements adjuvant to weight loss diets.

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Natural sunscreens: why needing them?

Hair, skin and nails

Sunbathing properly to avoid unwanted effects
Still too many people underestimate the risk of an incorrect exposure to sunlight and usually do not use any protection. Applying natural sunscreens with an adequate degree of protection suitable for your skin type is fundamental to get a healthy and glowing tan but, above all, to preserve the skin's health.

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Natural remedies for impure skin

Hair, skin and nails

Major causes of impure skin

Even those who usually have a normal, or combination skin, in summer time, due to extreme heat, high levels of humidity and scorching sun both at the sea and in the city, may have to deal with an impure or unusually oily skin, which is characterised by enlarged pores, excess sebum and a clammy look, especially on the T-zone, not pleasant at all.

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The benefit of Bladderwrack for losing weight: how it acts and how to take it

How to find your ideal weight

Let us unveil Fucus vesiculosus, an alga useful for stimulating the metabolism

The bladder wrack or sea oak (Fucus vesiculosus), also known as brown seaweed or Fucus, is a seaweed that grows along the coast of the Northern Europe, overreaching its shores. The name Fucus derives from the Greek Fukos - which simply means "seaweed". Conversely, the adjective Latin Vesiculosus refers to the numerous air bubbles that are found on the surface of the alga. The moniker "sea oak", however, was made by Pliny the Elder, who, in examining the kelp, noticed a certain resemblance to the leaves of the oak tree.

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Is it possible to reduce stretch marks naturally?

Hair, skin and nails

Try natural remedies to restore skin elasticity

Normal skin is flexible and elastic, a result of balance of elastin and collagen in the connective tissue of the dermis. Nevertheless, when the diet is rich in cholesterol and saturated fat, as well as simple carbohydrates, skin loses this natural elasticity, becoming hard and stiff, because the production of elastin and collagen is reduced. If the skin in these conditions is subjected to a stretching for a certain reason (e.g. during pregnancy), once the initial state is restored, stretch marks may appear.

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How to replenish the minerals lost through perspiration?

Sport and fitness

Warm weather and physical activity lead to excessive perspiration, which reduces useful substances for our body.

Those who regularly practice medium to high intensity activity know that sport, in addition to bringing several benefits, can also greatly increase energy expenditure and, above all, human nutritional needs. However, even during the hot days of late spring and early summer, the body is subject to a major expenditure of energy that manifests itself with evident fatigue as well as an increase in sweat production.

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