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Why does the changing of seasons cause increased hair loss?

Hair, skin and nails

Autumn and Spring are transition periods also for hair

Noticing an increase in hair fall in early Spring or Autumn can be considered, so to speak, physiological.
As a matter of fact, every day we lose a certain amount of hair as a natural "completion" of their "life cycle".

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From red yeast rice a support to keep cholesterol under control

Cholesterol and triglycerides

Monacolin k of red yeast rice can help maintain normal cholesterol levels

Red rice is actually nothing but "common" rice (Oryza sativa) subjected to fermentation using a special yeast, which gives it a reddish tone.

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Let us support intestinal flora balance with lactic acid bacteria

Digestion and intestines

Bacterial flora balance can be altered by various factors: lactic acid bacteria will give us a hand to restore it

The ailments typically occurring in Winter may strike us more or less intensively as the first cold arrives. Flu and possible symptoms associated with it, even when the critical phase is over, can leave us with a general sensation of body fatigue.

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The right diet for breastfeeding mothers

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

What to eat to meet the needs of our body during breastfeeding

Pregnancy and the subsequent period of breastfeeding are magical moments in the life of a woman.

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Meteorism: 8 rules to prevent bloating

Digestion and intestines

How and what to eat to reduce bloating and flatulence?  

Tension and abdominal swelling, often associated with pain in the belly and the embarrassing appearance of flatulence or belching, are all symptoms well known to those suffering from meteorism, which can be tackled with a proper diet.

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Beat "bad" cholesterol with flaxseed

Cholesterol and triglycerides

Taking flaxseed oil lends you a hand to lower cholesterol

High cholesterol is perhaps the "number one danger" to health in industrialised countries, due to the general tendency to take an excess of animal fat every day with the diet.

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Acidic or basic Ph and nutrition

pH and acidity

The "alkalising" diet and the most suitable food choices to find the right balance

Human body is basically "alkaline",  however many of its activities and functions can generate "acidity" in various forms (heartburn, acidic pH in urine, acidic pH in blood etc.).

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B12: Important for everybody, essential to vegetarians and vegans

How to combat stress and fatigue

Find out why you should supplement vitamin B12 if it is not taken in the right quantities with food

We have become so accustomed to being told that vitamins are essential for the health of our body, to not always pay due attention to this wise, though perhaps abused, advice.

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Elecampane: a plant useful for our bronchial tube

Season ailments - body's immune defences

It stimulates bronchial secretions and counteracts some ailments typically occurring in Winter

Its name is maybe little known to the “great public” but Elecampane (Inula helenium), a perennial herbaceous plant with showy,  yellow flowers, has been widely used for centuries as a natural remedy to promote bronchial secretions«it has an expectorant and antispasmodic effect on bronchial tubes, due to the presence of an essential oil…»  (Quote from Francesco Perugini Billi, Manuale di fitoterapia, Edizioni Junior).

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Headlice: let’s evict these uninvited “guests”

Natural beauty treatments

These parasites can affect anyone and are not a sign of poor hygiene

Unfortunately the presence of headlice today is mistakenly considered a serious sign of poor hygiene, that is why talking about their presence on our head (or on that of our children) automatically becomes a “taboo subject”.

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Magnesium and Potassium Dr Giorgini - video

Giorgini Dr Martino's videos

Tired and lazy? Low blood pressure?
Fluid loss due to exercise? Hypotension, nervousness and difficulty concentrating?
You can cope with these hassles using a specific supplement: Dr Giorgini MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM.

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Artichoke, a natural remedy to improve liver function

Cholesterol and triglycerides

Artichoke is a valuable aid to support digestion and liver function

In phytotherapyartichoke (Cynara scolymus), is often used in synergy with other nutrients, in the formulation of supplements specifically designed to support the liver function and, in general, our body detoxification. 

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