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Latest news from the natural world


High cholesterol? Get help from plant sterols

Cholesterol and triglycerides

Some natural substances can promote normal cholesterol levels in the blood

The term cholesterol is so often used with a negative meaning that we forget that the presence of this lipid in the body is normal and necessary for our health.

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Argan oil: ''Moroccan Gold"

Hair, skin and nails

The oil extracted from the seeds of a thorny tree (Argania spinosa) is an elixir for the skin and hair

By cold pressing the seeds of the Argania spinosa tree, you get a high quality oil, which boasts significant cosmetic properties: argan oil.

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Goji berries: a mine of antioxidants

Natural antioxidants

These "longevity fruits" can help us fight off free radicals

In the Asian highlands of China, Tibet and Mongolia grows a perennial shrub (Lycium barbarum) resistant to intense cold and prised for its vigorous growth.

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Proteins, the building blocks for muscle growth

Sport and fitness

The right amount of protein is important for everyone, even more so for athletes

"The building blocks of our body": this is the definition that is often used to refer to protein. It is therefore no coincidence that the term "protein" comes from the Greek protos, or "primary".

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From the seeds of jojoba, a nectar for your skin and hair

Hair, skin and nails

The cosmetic virtues of jojoba oil have been known and used for centuries

Simmondsia chinensis is a large shrub that grows wild in Arizona and California (but not in China, as the botanical name would instead suggest). By pressing its ripe seeds, collected in high Summer, you get a liquid wax, improperly called jojoba oil.

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Nourishing and protective shea oil and butter

Hair, skin and nails

Shea butter, in particular, can also protect from sun radiation

Both shea oil and butter are highly valued in cosmetics for their nourishing and protective properties.

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The fast metabolism diet

How to find your ideal weight

Pros and cons of the diet that has conquered the stars

Every year, on a regular basis, a new diet that promises to quickly regain your ideal weight makes its appearance. Sometimes they are ephemeral food fads, supported by beauty magazines and publicised by a Vip.

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Natural tanning tips

Hair, skin and nails

Some substances may help you get a better tan 

Why do people want to tan? Besides, is it possible to promote tan in a natural way?

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How to combat cellulite in a natural way

Women’s health (circulation, hormones, menopause)

The most feared blemish among women can also be counteracted with the right plants

The definition panniculopatia edemato fibro sclerotica is perhaps unknown to most. This is actually the name used in medicine to describe the most hated unsightly skin condition among women, especially before the "bikini body challenge": cellulite.

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Food and natural remedies to combat pimples

Hair, skin and nails

Skin care and food can help us against these skin imperfections

Pimples are a fairly common blemish, especially among adolescents, which can affect the skin of face, back and other parts of the body. Unlike what some believe, pimples may also occur rather frequently in adulthood.

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Royal jelly: the "super food" of the queen bee

How to combat stress and fatigue

This substance, produced by bees, provides us with a plus of nutritional ingredients

The link between bees and humans has ancient origins, as is shown in a rock painting, found in the "spider cave" Cuevas de la Araña) near Valencia, which  represents a man collecting a honeycomb.

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Rosa mosqueta oil, for skin and hair regeneration

Hair, skin and nails

From the seeds of Rosa mosqueta (rose hip), widespread in South America, you get an oil with precious properties

Rose hip is a wild shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family. This plant, which prefers humid or temperate climates, has also spread throughout most of Europe.

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