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Magnesium compositum

« Magnesium, the miracle mineral … responsible for the health of our nerves and muscles; necessary for maintaining normal structure of growing tissues; contributes to the formation of the skeleton in children, is part of several enzyme systems [approx. thirty enzymes].
Helps fight kidney stones.
Magnesium salts induce relaxation of the muscles surrounding the arteries and, therefore, they have been found effective in the treatment of hypertension.
Magnesium intake allows people to endure adversity more serenely. Important for mental health. … An insufficient amount of magnesium may be the cause of hyper-irritability, which can lead to bouts of hysteria, apprehension, anxiety, excitability, tremors, myoclonus disorder, [even when your eyelid "twitches" involuntary], confusion, disorientation. …
Magnesium is also the key element in the regulation of the heartbeat. … When the pituitary gland does not receive Magnesium, it stimulates the activity of the adrenal glands, which begin to produce an excessive amount of adrenaline. These [the adrenals] are also stimulated by difficulties or concerns….
Meat and dairy products have a low magnesium content, the more protein you consume, the greater the need for magnesium, necessary for the metabolism of protein [including muscles]. A high protein diet can cause magnesium deficiency.
Also large quantities of calcium may create a shortage of magnesium.… Milk [rich in calcium] has a very low content of magnesium [and subtracts it from the body] …
Magnesium increases resistance to fatigue.
It is Magnesium, not Calcium that forms the hard decay-resistant enamel.
Magnesium also helps the absorption of other minerals in the bone structure.
Magnesium deficiency promotes the deposition of minerals in the cardiac muscle, arteries, kidneys and on the gum edges.
Magnesium deficiency causes various, harmful effects…, for example, mitochondria [that produce the energy for all the body, that is, the ATP], are no longer able to work.… It would be sheer common sense to habitually consume a magnesium supplement…» [1].

[1] J.I. Rodale e Collaboratori, Il libro completo dei minerali per la salute, Aldo Martello – Giunti Editore
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