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Magnesium Chloride

« Magnesium, and in particular halogenated salts thereof [including magnesium chloride], have been assigned important biological and therapeutic activities.
The Delbet classification seems to demonstrate the existence of states of magnesium deficiency as related to various morbid forms, including malignant tumours, wherein the halogenated salts of magnesium, for their catalysing action [enzymes], reduce the ability to develop malignant neoplastic elements….
The administration of magnesium chloride in small doses would lead to a state of euphoria and increased nervous activity; improved digestive functions, with decreased intestinal putrefaction; regularisation of intestinal evacuations (activation of bowel movement in constipated people, lessening evacuation episodes in diarrhoic patients; at higher doses, the purgative effect is however the rule)… in certain dermatoses (eczema, acne, itching) …» [1].  

«A deficiency in magnesium accelerates the deposition of calcium in the renal tubules.… We have seen that magnesium increases the solubility of calcium oxalate and inhibits the precipitation of both phosphate and calcium oxalate.… Magnesium supplementation prevents recurrence of kidney stones » [2]. 

«There is considerable evidence that diabetics require magnesium supplements because they can prevent some diabetes complications such as retinopathy and heart disease » [3]. 

«Low levels of magnesium play a decisive role in many cases of migraine and tension headache. …
Another benefit provided by Magnesium is the improvement of mitral valve prolapse. … It is shown that epileptics have magnesium serum levels below normal values…. Magnesium supplementation can improve peripheral circulation and has a beneficial effect on visual field in glaucoma patients….
Magnesium deficiency is very common in patients with inflammatory bowel disease » [4].


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