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Lysine Plus

« Lysine is an essential amino acid, and therefore should be taken with meals. Unlike plant proteins, animal proteins are rich in lysine.
Lysine seems useful in preventing, and sometimes reducing, viral infections such as Herpes simplex [involving lips].
Lysine is a basic [alkaline] amino acid…, can take part in the production of energy: It is both a ketogenic and glucogenic amino acid, i.e. it participates in the formation of glucose and glycogen!
Present in collagen and in elastin, it is … very effective in muscle strains and pulls.
Lysine is capable of stimulating intestinal absorption and improving the renal conservation of calcium, so it can be useful in osteoporosis[1]. Concomitant use of calcium and lysine supplements can increase the absorption of calcium » [1].  

«Carnitine is a vitamin-like compound responsible for the transport of long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) units into the energy production cells: mitochondria. Carnitine can be synthesised by the body, starting from Lysine … with the help of another essential amino acid, methionine, of three vitamins (C, B3, B6) and Iron » [2].  

«Oral supplementation of Lysine has proven to be able to decrease the frequency and severity of dermatologic manifestations of Herpes Simplex. The hypothesised mechanism of action is that Lysine is incorporated into the virus capsid instead of arginine, determining viral inactivation. Lysine is usually taken at low doses as a preventive and at higher doses at the symptoms that correspond to the time of increased viral replication » [3].


[1] Physicians’ Desk Reference, PDR Integratori nutrizionali, CEC Editore.
[2] Michael T. Murray, Guida medica agli integratori alimentari, Red Edizioni.
[3] Joseph E. Pizzorno jr., Michael T. Murray, Trattato di medicina naturale, Red Edizioni.
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