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How to buy on Drgiorgini

This buying guide is intended as an additional support to help you browse among the products offered on our website. Simply follow the process steps below to buy online: from the product choice, to the real purchase, to delivery at your doorstep within 36/48 hours by fast courier and without shipping costs! 

You can always navigate through the portal. Even if you do not sign up or "Log In", but only authenticate yourself with your "Email" and "Password", you will be able to buy and enjoy special offers!

Signing Up

First of all, you need to register your details by clicking on the "LOG IN" button at the top right of the home page (the main page of website). Please complete the required fields in the registration form, those marked with an asterisk are mandatory. The e-mail address you indicate will be used to send you important notices. You will be asked to enter your password (pass-phrase) twice to prevent typing errors (we recommend that you keep the password in a safe place). Select the "I accept" checkbox at the bottom of the registration form to accept the processing of personal data and click on "SUBMIT". If you have entered all the data correctly, the successful registration message will be displayed otherwise you will see a message explaining what data were not accepted. This registration step is to be carried out only the first time, then you only need to follow the procedure outlined in the next "Accessing after registering" section. Important: the registration is free and does not commit you to anything!
Always carefully read and understand the product warnings and check the directions of use to be sure that the product is suitable for you.

Read the sales terms and the right of withdrawal

Access after sign-up

Click on the "LOG IN" box at the top right; in the "Email address" box, enter the e-mail address you chose when you registered. In the "Password" box, enter your "password", then click on the "LOGIN" button. You are now a recognized Customer and the system greets you with "Hello (your name)!".
To buy a product, you must access its sheet. To do this, there are several ways: you can, for example, click on the "Search by apparatus" or "Search by physiological area" box, located in the middle of the page, or even directly on one of the products shown in the "FEATURED PRODUCTS". Once you see the product sheet, please check whether the product is available through the "Ready" green writing. Depending on the product, you can select the colour and size you want, but please do not forget to always specify the desired quantity. Finally click on the "ADD TO CART" button. Automatically on the banner at the top right of your screen, next to the cart icon, you will be shown your purchase status update.
When you have finished choosing the products, click on "Go to cart" next to the shopping cart icon at the top right, check your purchase summary and then click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT". Confirm your data or report a different shipping address, then choose your form of payment (paypal).

If you choose to pay by Paypal: you will be transferred to the Paypal secure system and you can either pay through your paypal account or with regular credit card if you are not registered to Paypal Circuit.
Congratulations, you have now become Dr Giorgini customer, please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.

You can find all our references in the contact page.

NOTE: for proper program operation, you need to have cookies enabled. To activate them, you must configure the options of your browser, for example, in Internet Explorer, click on Tools-Internet Options, then click on Privacy and lower the level so that it does not block all cookies.








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