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«Hops (Humulus lupulus) female inflorescence, has … sedative properties, is useful in cases of hyperexcitability, insomnia of nervous origin, states of tension, anxiety, nervous agitation, mental stress.
It is a great sedative and nervous system balancing remedy ….
Because of its bitter and aromatic properties, it is used as astomachic remedy and to stimulate appetite as well as in nervous dyspepsia. In the latter form, it can contribute to dampening reflex visceral hypersensitivity and, at the same time, toning up muscle function and the glandular secretion stimulating one.
It might be a useful adjunct to eating disorders, e.g. anorexia.
It shows bactericidal and antifungal properties….
It is usefully employed in pertussis.
It also has oestrogenic properties. … It shows beneficial effects on climateric complaints and on male hypersensitivity (as an anaphrodisiac, on premature ejaculation and nocturnal emissions). … The concentration in its inflorescences of oestrogenic ingredients is very low … and yet it has been recognised in numerous experiments and is most likely the result of a synergy of different constituents of the phytocomplex.
In menopause complaints it can help alleviate vasomotor symptoms [hot flashes] » [1].  

«Hops. Properties: tonic, aperitif, stomachic; genital sedative; hypnotic; diuretic; depurative; blood regenerating; antiscrofulous; antiscorbutic; febrifuge.
Indications: rickets, convalescence, anaemia, chlorosis, lack of appetite (especially among children), nervous atonic dyspepsia; sexual excitability, white discharge; insomnia, nervousness, gout, lithiasis; dermatosis (eczema, herpes, scaly dermatosis); scurvy, lymphatism; cervical adenitis, scrofula; enuresis; spring and autumn fever; intestinal parasites.
External use: rheumatic pain, gout, cold abscesses, external cancers» [2].

«Hops. It is used to treat insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety, headaches, indigestion and mucous colitis.
It is widely used as an aromatic bitter in alcoholic beverages such as beer » [3].  

«Hops. Action: sedative, visceral antispasmodic, digestive, anaprhodisiac (in men) » [4].


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