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«Preparations made from coneflower [Echinacea angustifolia] show immunobiological properties characterised by increased body immunity. …« The plant is able to strengthen the body's natural defences against cold-induced diseases, flu-like syndromes and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Confirmed the preventive effect and reduction of illness duration and symptom intensity… (swollen lymph nodes, pharyngitis, headache, earache, runny nose, watery eyes, etc.»)[1].  

«Dog rose (Rosa canina). The bud extract is used, especially in children, in infectious diseases of the respiratory system. … If the dose is administered in time, in Autumn, it will help to better tackle Winter» [2].  

«Black Currant (Ribes nigrum). Its fresh buds have a marked anti-inflammatory…action, increased resistance to fatigue and cold and have confirmed the stimulatory activity on the adrenal cortex.
In general and local inflammatory symptoms, in particular affecting the musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive and urinary apparatuses» [3].  

«In Gemmotherapy, Carpinus betulus turns out to be a remedy for upper respiratory tract (paranasal sinuses, rhino-pharynx, trachea) when a specific activity occurs in the sinus mucosa » [4].  

«There are several enzyme systems that require the presence of copper; a deficiency of this mineral can affect different tissues. A deficiency of this mineral can cause iron-deficiency anaemia, since copper is required for its absorption and utilisation … Other symptoms of deficiency are brain changes, increased peroxidation of liquids, weakening of the immune function …» [5].


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