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« To maintain efficient brain function one of the most useful amino acid is Glutamic Acid…. The body needs it to eliminate ammonia from the brain, a natural but highly toxic substance [can cause even death], which develops from the metabolism of proteins [25% of the protein metabolism occurs in the brain]….
The ammonia removal process is called urea process.… The first and most important step is the reaction of glutamic acid with ammonia, which produces Glutamine. A deficiency of Glutamic Acid determine a slight increase in ammonia levels, causing fatigue, confusion, inability to concentrate and exaggerated mood swings.
Once ammonia has been converted, the brain can use Glutamine as a sugar, i.e. as an energy source. That is why students find that taking supplements of glutamine in the evening helps them concentrate on homework until late at night, without feeling any fatigue. Unlike caffeine [tea and coffee], it stimulates the brain by supporting it a natural way. Students who take Glutamine during exams, report of an increase in mental alertness and clarity and a reduction of doubts that often crop up during exams.
Glutamine allows you to travel comfortably for long periods without needing to sleep.
If you feel lethargic and confused, find it difficult to concentrate, have no enthusiasm or need something to perk you up, try Glutamine » [1].  

«Glutamic acid serves primarily as a brain "fuel". It has the ability to capture the excess ammonia in circulation, which can interfere with brain function, transforming it into Glutamine….
It has been shown that Glutamine, besides improving mental ability, helps limit toxic effects of alcohol on the brain; it also reduces fatigue and lifts mood in cases of depression.
It has been observed that it shortens the wound and ulcer healing times.
Glutamic acid and glutamine are prescribed for states of mental fatigue and to combat amnestic disorders [burnout] » [2].  

«The healing of intestine can be accelerated by various nutrients, the most important of all is Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the blood. Being one of the main substances used by intestine cells, Glutamine, indeed, generates 35% of their energy production…. Supplementation of this substance improves energy metabolism of the gastro-intestinal mucosa, stimulating regeneration and preventing damage » [3].


[1] Robert Erdmann, The Amino Revolution.
[2] Earl Mindell, La Bibbia delle Vitamine, Ed. BUR.
[3] Joseph E. Pizzorno jr, Michael T. Murray, Medicina Naturale, Red Edizioni.
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