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«Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha). Action: Antiarrhythmic, cardiotonic, cardioprotective, coronary-dilating, sedative, hypotensive, sleep-inducing, collagen stabilising, antioxidant. …
One of the most important plants for the heart: it reduces heart beats, stimulates the contractility of heart fibres, increases blood supply - and thus oxygen - to cardiac tissues and coronary arteries. The action, as a whole, is useful in senile heart, in the earliest stages of heart failure, in angina pectoris and in milder forms of arrhythmia
. Hawthorn also has a sedative effect useful in the presence of agitation, insomnia and nervous disorders associated with palpitations [2].
Hawthorn combines its anti-hypertensive action, although not strong, with tropism [nourishment] for the cardiac muscle. These combined actions make it an important herbal remedy, given that left ventricular infarction is often a typical consequence of prolonged hypertension [especially the “minimum” blood pressure]»[1]  

«Hawthorn Properties: tonicardiac, hypotensor (for vaso-dilation), antispasmodic , slightly hypnotic, febrifuge.
Indications: palpitations, heart pain, angina pectoris, vascular spasms, tachycardia, arrhythmias, congestive flashes, irritability, insomnia (caused by menopause), dyspepsia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, neurovegetative dystonia symptoms (anxiety, dizziness, buzzing in the ears), insomnia…» [2].

«Hawthorn Main activities: hypotensive sedative, cardiotonic, cardiac activity-regulator, coronary vasodilator.
Therapeutic use: cardiac arrhythmia, coronaritis (complementary treatment), maintenance cardiotonic (inter-digitalis treatment), hypertension (moderate but prolonged action); painful spasms of the digestive system; anxiety, insomnia» [3].


[1] Francesco Perugini Billi, Fitoterapia, Edizioni Junior.
[2] Jean Valnet, Fitoterapia. Cura delle malattie con le piante. Aldo Martello – Giunti Editore.
[3] Enrica Campanini, Dizionario di fitoterapia e piante medicinali, Tecniche Nuove.
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