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GEMMO 10+ Sequoia

« Sequoia (Sequoia gigantea) young shoots. Properties: anti-senescence effect in men, antisclerotic, general stimulant.
Main indications: prostatic hypertrophy, depressive syndrome in the elderly, senile osteoporosis.
Sequoia can be used in combination with other bud extracts ??against:
  - male senescence: with Quercus pedunculate [Oak] and Betula pubescens [White Birch]
- Prostatitis: with Ribes nigrum [Blackcurrant]
- Prostate adenoma: with Ribes nigrum
- Arteriosclerosis (senescent brain) with Olea europaea [Olive], Alnus glutinosa [Alder] and Vaccinium vitis idaea [Cranberry] in women
- Osteoporosis: with Vaccinium vitis idaea and Rubus fructicosus [Bramble]
- Delay in the consolidation of fractures: with Quercus pedunculata
- Uterine fibroid: with Ribes nigrum and Rubus idaeus [Raspberry].
It has admirable results as an anti-ageing supplement, particularly in men (in women, Vaccinium vitis idaea and Rubus idaeus) [Cranberry and Raspberry] have better effects and can be used to slow the ageing process.
Properties: energetic, antidepressive, anabolic and antisclerotic.
Sequoia has undoubtedly a eutrophic [nourishing] effect on male sexuality (it increases the level of 17-ketosteroids in the urinary excretion) and on brain activity:  it is therefore advisable to prescribe this bud extract almost systematically after sixty … for 20 days a month for several months. It has a general eutrophic activity and provides a feeling of well-being, … useful for treating depression.
Also reported an anti-inflammatory activity that may indirectly contribute to the improvement of sexual asthaenia in the elderly.
It is an effective remedy against chronic, non-acute prostatis.
As regards adenoma, it can slow down its development and in particular the inflammatory states caused by prostatic hypertrophy, favourably acting on functional disorders characteristic of this pathology. It also helps … rebalance spermatogenesis.
In the treatment of osteoporosis and delay in the consolidation of the fractures in the adult. In the treatment of uterine fibroids, depressive syndromes typical of menopause ... » [1].

[1] Enrica Campanini, Dizionario di fitoterapia e piante medicinali, Tecniche Nuove.
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